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Kitted out to perfection

Have you been to the Ham Yard Hotel in London’s Soho? If not, put it on your ‘to go to’ list! Built and designed by interior designer Kit Kemp it truly is a glorious feast for the senses: a seemingly effortless blend of different styles that work together and seem to make the most of each other: the artisan, the polished, the old, the rugged – clever and mesmerising – inspiring.

In the Hotel Lobby we saw the clock installation featured in Kit’s new book Every Room Tells a Story. 135 interconnected clocks move together to form patterns and then, at intervals, show the time in digital form.

Fabrics varied from the bright, modern and striking in the lobby, faded florals in the library, crewel-work on the sofas in the ‘Shade Bar’ and felt-lined pillars in the bowling alley (which you must have a look at when you go). It was a tactile and visual heaven which managed to strike the tricky balance between earthy and laid-back and exquisite and exclusive – we could not get enough. If you need a lesson in how to use colour and pattern in interiors then this is the place for you.

We went there for afternoon tea, today inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show and we both succumbed to the edible pansies, rose petals, courgettes and cardamom. We left with every sense on overload but would go back tomorrow!

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