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Make your home a palace

There’s a great new wallpaper collection from Cole and Son that we saw at Focus ’13 last week. It’s inspired by the architecture, gardens and interior details found in 5 of the UK’s Royal Palaces – Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, the Tower … Continue reading

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Wallpaper with a personal touch

I’ve just had a look at a new wallpaper collection online. It’s not your usual pages and pages of florals, geometrics and quirky metallics. No, this is really quite different in a fun, user-friendly way and actually gets you thinking about … Continue reading

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More London Design Week highlights

I was going through the photos that I took at London Design Week and there are some that I thought I must show you. Look at this gorgeous array fabrics in coral in combination with green at Osborne and Little. We have some … Continue reading

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P-P-Penguin P-P-Paper

Have you seen this? New out from Osborne and Little this is a fun, colourful wallpaper design that will create a wonderful feature wall in a study, playroom or a family room.  Penguin book covers have been used to create a wallpaper design that is full of … Continue reading

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Omega cats!

I was browsing through the Sanderson website the other day – doing one of those wild card hopeful searches for a fabric when I came across Omega Cats – and just had to tell you about it. The design comes in a … Continue reading

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Driving you up the wall -a few quirky ideas to add a little something to those bare spaces…

What to put on your walls? They are often the biggest space to consider in an interior design and, yet, what to put on them is often left til last. Photos and art is an obvious choice – but what else? … Continue reading

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The pre-Raphaelite influence is back – everywhere!

The current pre-Raphaelite exhibition at Tate Britain seems to be having a profound influence over the colours and fabrics in this season’s interiors. Their rich palette of deep blues, yellows, burgundy and green together with their intricate nature-inspired patterns can be … Continue reading

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Needing to Re-Surface?

Surface View really have attacked the wallpaper market with a vengeance by offering an exciting and affordable alternative that is easy to install. What I love about it is the ability to create a quirky and truly individual feature. Let me … Continue reading

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Creating a Moodboard

There are now apps and websites which allow you to compile moodboards online and on the go. Take a snap shot whilst you are out and about and pin it up on your virtual board. Couldn’t be easier! Have a … Continue reading

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Keep calm and carry on! What it’s like to ‘run’ the business for a week…..

This week our lovely directors Jane and Isabel went off to Marrakesh for a short break and who can blame them? 10 degrees and raining here, 38 and sunny there…. So what’s happening with the business……? Well, it seems that I … Continue reading

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