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Pizza Express have refurb’d but have they conquered their acoustics demons?

Having blogged about restaurant acoustics before, I was interested to see that Pizza Express have updated the interior design of many of their restaurants in line with their new black and white striped branding. I am not sure if any in Surrey … Continue reading

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The Ivy: the art of relaxed dining

Here I am again going on about restaurants! But this time it’s not to moan about bad acoustics, food ordered that never arrives or waiters constantly brushing past my chair  – no because …. I went to the Ivy! The … Continue reading

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Considering Wood Flooring? Guest blog by Wood and Beyond

Wood flooring can uplift the look of almost any room and look visually stunning when matched to the interior décor. Shopping for wood flooring however can be quite confusing with many industry terms and options to negotiate. This guide aims … Continue reading

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Often overlooked or an afterthought in interior design, acoustics can play a huge part in determining the character and feel of a space. Bad acoustics can even drive away business…. It clearly depends what the space is for – I would … Continue reading

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