A spot of shopping…..

With the onset of colder conditions I decided to venture out to Guildford this week in search of a new winter coat.  Inevitably, I became completely distracted particularly when I spied the new Anthropologie store! I rushed over and spent the next half an hour or so admiring the beautiful clothes, coveting the ceramics and marvelling over the African trophy animals! I must confess that, having had a good trawl through the entire stock of seemingly artisan and original pieces I was disappointed by how much of it is made in China. Boo! I actually put something back on that basis – is that wrong?

Glassware at Anthropologie

Anyway having got that out of my system I refocused on coats. The style this year is very slouchy – dropped shoulders, baggy backs. not suited to me at all. half of the items that I had found online and had been tempted to buy were just wrong for me. Which just goes to show – for certain things I am once again convinced that you can’t beat pounding the pavements – and, as an interior designer, you won’t be surprised to hear that I ‘d include furniture, lighting and accessories in that category!

There are however, some things that you can risk getting online. This year, after my usual annual deliberations, I decided on Christmas crackers from Designers Guild and I did get these online! Available in pinks (with gold) or bluey greens (with gold) these crackers promise to be a real treat. I plumped for the bluey green. Their website only hints at the prizes within – things encased in coloured leather. But that’s fine. I like a surprise (will report back).

Full of promise: crackers from Designers Guild

Onto more shopping news: Isabel and I quite often look around the charity shops in Chelsea. They are quite different to the ones in Farnham – full of things for quite a lot of money. Well, this morning I heard that Victoria and David Beckham donated 20 boxes of clothes to a charity shop in Chelsea in aid of the disaster in the Philippines. What a fantastic thing to do! There is no way that I could ever fit into any of Victoria’s clothes (maybe David’s?) but I bet ebay is steaming with resales! I hope they raised a lot for the charity in any case and well done them.

Anyway, to conclude, I found my coat. A mid-length, double breasted, relatively fitted number that is certainly helping to keep the cold at bay. I bought it from Toast and, whilst in there spied their knitwear: bright orange, turquoise, mulberry. Some lovely colour combos going on. Must start thinking about Christmas. More on that next time!



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