Nina Campbell in Winchester!

I had the pleasure of stopping over in the historic town of Winchester last week and managed to find a rather nice pub-hotel-restaurant for my stay called The Old Vine. When I tell you why I booked it you will roll your eyes and shake your head: all the rooms are named after interior designers or interior design houses! Oh the excitement! The curiosity! Who would I get? Well, to get you off the edge of your seat I’ll cut to the chase: I got given the Nina Campbell suite!

I’m not really sure what I expected. I did wonder whether it would be a completely over-the-top homage to the Grand Dame of interior design: upholstered walls, deep reds, dramatic damasks, and plenty of braids, beads and fringing….. but it wasn’t. In fact it was very a very subtle melding together of many of her softer trademarks in a very understated way. The colour palette consisted of a soft duck egg blue, mossy green and pale cream – ideal for a bedroom. The patterns used were very inoffensive: florals intertwined with a few (OK quite a few) golden butterflies, a stripe and then some textured plains. Happily, in true Nina style, the wallpaper, bedspread, curtains and pelmets were all done in the same pattern and, of course, there was a relatively generous helping of green glass beads twinkling across the bottom of the pelmets. Ahhh…

I liked this idea of naming the rooms after designers. I think it’s great that when an owner has a passion or an interest that it is reflected. It gives the place personality and makes it memorable.  So it’s great to see that the Old Vine has been nominated as a finalist in the B&B category for The Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2013. Certainly my stay here was welcoming, comfortable and very enjoyable.

Don’t worry, I kept my curiosity to the NC room and didn’t request a glimpse of the Zimmer + Rohde or the Osborne and Little. Maybe next time? Maybe we ought to suggest an Isabel Ballardie Interiors room?





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