A colourful, manic energy takes us into 2016!

‘Doodle Art for Interiors’ is the new fabric launched by Kirkby: it’s a manic, in-your-face and highly colourful collaboration with designer Jon Burgerman and represents a complete departure from their usual hard-wearing textured weaves, plain wool felts and cottons.

Doodle Art collection at Chelsea
Doodle Art collection at Chelsea


I confess that I don’t know much about the ‘doodle’ art movement but I now know that Jon Burgerman is recognised as the leading figure in it. His aim with this collection was to bring art into interiors but in a fun, energetic way. His designs use all sorts of art medium: paints, crayons, marker pens, paper cut-outs (my kids would have been in heaven) and, in each one, he creates a different world. ‘Rainbow Scrawl’ is a hit of bright colour within which you can find many faces, characters, shapes and, well, scrawl! Of this design Jon says “I wanted to make a really colourful and slightly manic design that captures a real sense of movement and energy.” In that I think he has been successful.

In all seriousness I can see the demand for these fabrics. We so often get asked to design ‘kids’ rooms’ where children can chill out: we seem to be out of the pretty nursery stage and into the ‘hanging out’ stage of big sofas and beanbags, pool tables, TV screens and comfort. These designs would add a fun dimension to that kind of space and I think the kids could persuade the grown-ups to go with a bit of Burgerman – even in Surrey!


Rainbow Scrawl

The full ranges of 46 fabrics are also presented as an exciting range of cushions. Launching in the UK September 2015 and available worldwide from January 2016.

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